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Perchance to Dream is a short blogpasta written by Lizard Bite. It was created to foreshadow the revelation about The Rake's hidden intelligence during the finale of Hidden in the Trees. It can be read here.

Plot Summary

The story focuses on a young man named Billy who initially uses the blog as a dream journal until the Rake starts whispering to him while he sleeps, causing him to experience very disturbing nightmares. Billy finds the mutilated corpse of his dog Horatio inside of his home a few days later and he decides to move in with a friend for awhile. As he continues to make posts for his blog, Billy begins to suffer from bouts of sleep paralysis accompanied by hallucinations of a pale, hairless vaguely human beast with two large black eyes. Billy's sanity slowly teeters away bit by bit, which is only made worse by a recurring dream of Horatio being stabbed to death by a unseen figure.

On June 1st, Billy's behavior becomes increasingly more erratic when he tells the audience that the mysterious animal murderer seen in his dreams is one of his neighbors. Over time, Billy's mental stability declines to the point where he is unable to differentiate between reality and fantasy. After several days of enduring more night terrors concerning Horatio's death, Billy finally decides to get revenge for his dog by killing his neighbor in real life. The blog ends with Billy implying he will commit suicide by jumping off of a roof before the police arrive to arrest him.


  • The title is taken from the famous soliloquy from Shakespeare's Hamlet.