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Rajkot (Adrian Alread) is a writer for the Fear Mythos, starting in October 2013. Along with writting, he provides art for the mythos (rarely), and occasionally works directly with other authors to create specific images for their stories (even less). He is credited with the creation of the FACTS and the Pantheons verse, but mostly he's off doing things and is busy. 

Completed Works

Works in Progress

These are blogs or stories currently being written by Rajkot:

  • Real Life- You've seen it before, even if you don't remember. Would you like a reminder?
  • Telling Truths- Why Andrew Ji can't have nice things. (part of Pantheons)
  • Pantheons- "Don't tell me you're surprised; you really believed that They were the only things out there?"
  • Blood and Graphite - Up the tower Ptah goes. (Part of the Tower of Trepidation event)

Planned Works

Blogs and stories to be posted by Rajkot:

  • Schismaticmatchbox- "My, name, is, Frey."
  • Occam's Switchblade- Leslie Smiles So Wide.

Art and Developmental Images

Images created by Rajkot either as fear mythos art or as concept images: