Rapture's cockroach form, as drawn by Rappu

Rapture is an ancient universe-eating abomination from OH GOD THE RAPTURE IS BURNING. Rapture acts as the central figure, location, concept, and character the Rapture Cycle focuses on. The logs allude to a history between Rapture and the Fears. They are said to come from the same universe and the same pantheon, before some sort of conflict spawned between them and caused the original gods to flee and, over time, split into the Fears that inhabit our universe.

Although Rapture is named after the apocalyptic prophecies associated with the Book of Revelations and shares a number of motifs with the gospels, it is not what Christianity predicted.

The "Holy Trinity" of Concepts

Rapture can be said to be split into three distinct phenomena that coexist and share, for the most part, the same consciousness. They are the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

  • The Father is a giant creature floating through the totality of existence, sewn from the fabric of the universes it devours, emitting a giant solid hologram-like copy of itself (a "presence") wherever it goes. This presence is Xanadu.
  • The Son is a remote personification, a microcosm of the greater Xanadu, that is most commonly seen manifesting in its form of The Lamb. This is said to be the "brains" of the group, the figure that sets the most things in motion on a smaller scale for a universe to be eaten. In the logs, it appears as a man-sized cockroach with Jesus Christ's head, earning it the nickname "Cockroach Jesus" by the protagonists.
  • The Holy Ghost is an army of hornet-minded fragments of Rapture's mind that take the appearance of fallen creatures from its victim universe. These, in actuality, are the remains of the ancient Xanadian civilization that Rapture is said to have horrifically grafted unto itself. As a result, they share a connection with the Father and the Son but have potential for independent action, limited though it may be. In the logs, these appear as Indisen and Victims.


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