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The SMSC are an organization dedicated to tracking and figuring out how to fight the Fears. They say that they are a subdivision of the FBI, but they are actually a part of the Supernatural Threat Analysis Bureau.

The full name of the SMSC is the Special Monitoring and Study Commission, though it probably comes from "Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)," a song by David Bowie. It was originally believed that all SMSC agents were named after David Bowie songs until this was disproven by Agent Lebowski in The Thirteenth Apostle.


Nine is God

The SMSC wasn’t originally called the SMSC. Just as the CIA was originally the OSS during World War II, the SMSC was originally named the Paranormal Operations Executive or POE when it was founded in 1942. This lasted from 1942 to 1947 when the agency’s name was changed to get rid of the word “paranormal,” which sounded too superstitious. The current director of the SMSC is Director Liza Jane, who became director in 2012.


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The Fears are called BUEs, which stands for Biologically Unknown Entities. Most of the SMSC agents simply refer to them as Fears however. Each BUE is called by two to three words from the NATO alphabet.

There are however a few codenames do not follow this pattern.