Scions are servants of The Vision. She can create new Scions by looking into someone's eyes and transferring a portion of her mind into their subconscious. They also have an ability similar to her eyes, allowing them to see farther than a normal person, see through most substances, and see the destinies of other people.

The Scions used to have cults all over the world, but their numbers have dwindled greatly over the centuries. Some have managed to travel to the second layer of reality, which they were able to find with their enhanced sight, and acquired the power of Mana.

Known Scions

  • Dyson Malrick: A devoted Scion who has lived for over 800 years, and personally knew the Ace Of Chaos. He lost his powers as a Scion after allowing Malkator to remove the fragment of the Vision from his subconscious. He is a user of black magic.
  • Saylo Xdranyl: A Scion recruited by Dyson who fights with Mana infused Yu-Gi-Oh cards which have fragments of the Fears sealed inside them. He was killed by Gordon Tayler during the Game Master's Tournament, but a clone of him was created, by The Blind Man, using the original's memories to participate in the Tale Weaver's Challenges.
  • David Kallaway: He became a Scion after burning a trading card with a fragment of the Vision sealed inside it. He wasn't aware of it at first, but eventually realized what he had become.
  • Violet Smith: She is a Scion gone wrong-originating from the blog, False Visions. The Vision gave her too large of a piece of her consciousness, transforming her into a duplicate Vision. After being released from the Singularity Cell by Jack of All, she was transformed into The Stone-Cold Prophet.
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