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Shards is an ongoing experimental story written by WereMagi. The main character, Harsh, is a Sharder, a human inflicted with the Shard disease and can use those Shards to fight what the normal human can't.

It can be read here.


In an alternative dimension where humanity is in ruins and a disease known as Shards empowers the inflicted and allows them to fight back creatures of the night, results of The Incident where humanity crumbled.

Sharder Harsh "The Boy Shard Blade" hears reports of children being taken by a being dubbed as "Him" who turns out to be The Tall One. After a quick battle, Harsh is made to kill his partner on patrols, Jared. The Tall One then inflicts pain on Harsh by pressing his fingers into Harsh's forehead while some children, and Jared's sister Emily, attack Harsh with sticks and stones.

Harsh learns that The Tall One is only one entity among many, and decides to go into the city proper to gather what information he can. Along the way, he faces The Tall One numerous times.


So far, only the Slender Man has been revealed while the rest have been mentioned only breifly by Dr. Harns:

"... There is being of wood, a girl , mind, ... and she is known as the Puppeteer. Other than that, we only have names of the other thirteen and a fragment of what they look like. The man in a gas mask, the Archangel. A dog of secrets, the Black Dog. The old man that can't see yet does, The Blind man. Something beyond perception, the Choir. There is a boy of isolation that's always cold, the Cold Boy. There are a group of birds that aren't, the Convocation. A man that's close to death, the Dying Man. An abomination of water, it's full name is unknown, but it's know as E.A.T. but we will call it EAT for short. Now, Harsh, this one caused the Overseer to pale. The Empty City. It's as it name, it's an empty city. There was one more bit of information on it. It is their meeting ground, and once someone walks in, they can never leave. If for a moment you feel like you're all alone, no one will ever know what happened to you. ... An eye that judges, the Eye. Shadows that live, the Nightlanders. A doctor of disease, the Plague Doctor. And lastly, a beast with sharp claws, the Rake..."

Aside from the Slender Man, the Rake is hinted to be the creature that Elliot and Yarl were having trouble to kill in chapter 5, Snippets #1.

Also, what could possibly be a Doll is mentioned in Chapter 6, Snippets #2 .