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The only known photo of Shayde in existence.

Shayde was a Fearblogger who was also a long time follower for the mythos and eventually began contributing to it for a while. Before his break in this area, he dabbled in The Slender Man Mythos and the craft of the Slenderblog. Little is known about the auhor in question.


Shayde began blogging in February 2011, starting with The Readers Resort. It is perhaps the most well known blog he has written due to 'The post where Omega beats up some Neo-Nazis alongside a French guy who thinks that he's Loki'.

After the end of his first blog, Shayde began working on his second blog Captain's Log, which was an attempt at a Slender Man blog set in the future. In space. This tanked, and turned into The Things You Shall See. Some stuff happened, and Shayde arrived out the other side of it staring at the Fear Mythos. He began work on his third blog, and first Fear Mythos blog, The Things You'll Never Know, a sequel to his previous blog.

There's also the audio blog WRR-85, which compared to everything else on this page is actually sort of decent. It's also the only blog he wrote that hasn't been deleted yet.

Shayde has also written some Fear creepypastas, which are hosted on the blog Faces, Strange and Secret. These are: