Silvermist is a Dying Man Piece that first appeared in Daniel & Friends. She used to be a part of HELLFIRE until he broke her off into a separate being in order to prevent the revival of The Brute. However, she turned on him afterwards and went on a rampage that forced the rest of The Fears to seal her essence inside an orblike prison.

Silvermist was found by Dr. Welric decades later, and was experimented on, being gifted with the ability to produce an extremely cold fog. She briefly possessed a Lilim named Seraph until she was tricked into possessing Benjamin Malkator. She was then taken by the Ace of Chaos, and was seemingly killed when he chose to destroy himself. She was later revealed to have survived, albeit weakened, and latched onto Bill Dawson. She was finally defeated and devoured by HELLFIRE after numerous battles with him and his current host, Estren Saltown.


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