Tales of the Titans is an anthology of Fear Mythos prose and poetry by Bryn. In-universe, it was written by the Gifted Joseph Sinclair, who had been given a number of memories taken from victims of the Fears and needed a way to vent about the experiences he had been forced to remember as his own, as well as about his unwilling servitude to the Blind Man. It can be read here.

There is also a work-in-progress Tales of the Titans Master Spreadsheet intended to categorize the various pieces included in Tales of the Titans more thoroughly than a list and more easily than a set of lists (both of which Bryn had attempted beforehand, with limited success).


Tales of the Titans includes multiple distinct series out-of-universe with specific goals for exploring or expanding the Mythos. There are currently two of these projects, but this number may grow in the future.

These projects do not have any in-universe standing; rather, they are out-of-universe groups of works within Tales of the Titans that share similar aims.

The Expanded Fears Project

The Expanded Fears Project consists of short stories and descriptive pieces which give servants, domains, and symbols to Fears which do not yet have them.

Currently, the Expanded Fears Project includes the following:

Additionally, "Haunted," written two years before the Expanded Fears Project was first conceptualized, can be considered a spiritual predecessor to this project, as it was specifically written with the intent of providing an introduction to the Haunted Moor.

The Slender Man Variants Project

The Slender Man Variants Project consists of various pieces that each deal with a distinct version of the Slender Man, each of which use said version's name as their respective title. The intent of this project is to experiment with how flexible the Slender Man is as a concept and to emphasize specific aspects of his existing portrayals.

Currently, the Slender Man Variants Project includes the following stories:

  • "The Giant," which emphasizes the Slender Man's incomprehensible size and age.
  • "The Man of Blood and Shadow," in which he is depicted as a quasi-demonic figure made of light, blood, and shadow.
  • "The Spider," in which he is given his "giant spider" form and the ability to hypnotize his victims, forcing them to remain motionless.
  • "The Nothing Man," primary inspired by "Mr. Nothing" in Don't Let Them Tell Us Stories, in which the Slender Man is depicted as being made of nothing and is given the ability to remove victims from reality like in certain Slender Man Mythos stories, making him comparable to a humanoid Quiet.
  • "The King of Trees," inspired by "Lullaby" by American Murder Song, which emphasizes the Slender Man's connection with trees and body horror.
  • "The Man Who Waits," which emphasizes the Slender Man's tendency to lurk where he cannot be seen.
  • "The Many-Faced Stranger," which takes the Slender Man's ability to disguise himself as human from early Slender Man Mythos stories.


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  • Tales of the Titans was started as a Google Doc in November 2018 and turned into a blog in February 2020. It also includes a number of posts which are backdated to earlier than the anthology was originally created, based on when the original versions of those stories were written.
  • Prior to being given its own page, the first post of Tales of the Titans was backdated to May 1, 2015- a reference to Bryn having first joined the Mythos around that time.
  • Tales of the Titans was inspired by several of Bryn's earlier creations: Tales of Lonely Hunters, an anthology blog featuring stories from multiple Nomadic Verses (including a short story called Buffer, which was later revised for Tales of the Titans); the journal from The History of Normal, and Victims of the Aspects, a book mentioned in an earlier version of Memento Mori. The appearance of Victims of the Aspects in Memento Mori was itself later changed to Tales of the Titans making a cameo.
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