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TheScareCr0we (real name: Emily Lion) is a member of the Fear Mythos community. She enjoys detective novels and Alice In Wonderland, tending to incorporate both into their works (Alice In Wonderland moreso, almost too much for their own good). She is currently studying special makeup effects/practical effects/whatever you call it.

Planned Works

  • Reboot of  "White Rabbit"
  • Eventually will film AC11's "Flowers" screenplay. Eventually.
  • Unnamed webcomic.

Ongoing Works

  • The Slender Man Wiki Chronicles , an archive of the ARG/Roleplay that occurred on The Slender Man wiki in 2012-2014ish. The precursor to The Path of Dread . Essentialy the "My Immortal" of the Slender Man Mythos in terms of cringe and bad writing.

Completed Fear Works

Hiatus/Cancelled Works

  • Go Ask Alice (Poorly executed tie-in blog to white rabit).
  • In a Land of Make-Belive (Something about American Idiot. Never went anywhere).