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The Abhorrence
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The Abhorrence, as drawn by LilPotato

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The Abhorrence is an alternate version of The Rake from The Runner Verse and the successor of the original. He is a portrayal of the Fear of Anger and madness.



According to The Abhorrence's self-proclaimed origin story, he was originally a mortal man who suffered from schizophrenia prior to the events of Eye for an eye. Although he has forgotten a majority of his past life, The Abhorrence claims that his mental stability deteriorated to the point where he pushed a relative down a flight of stairs in order to protect them from one of his delusions. Following this event, his parents decided to go against his doctor's advice to seek therapy and opted to send him to a psychiatric hospital for treatment instead.

The Abhorrence was then placed under the care of an abusive psychiatrist who had previously been driven out of legitimate hospitals after furious parents started complaining about her cruel methods. The psychiatrist scheduled to give him a lobotomy for his rebellious behavior, but it was interrupted at the last moment when he almost died. The original Rake decided to intervene at this point and fused with The Abhorrence for unknown reasons. This granted him all of the Rake's powers, which he used to kill the psychiatrist and escape from his confinement.

Present Day

He voted for Transgression to be released from the Singularity Cell so she could have a chance to become a Fear again, but only because he thought it would be fun to hunt her down.


He has long claws on his hand that bend like actual fingers (except his thumb, which is normal), and his hand is covered by a black fingerless glove. According to his backstory, his hand always lacked fingers because they were removed during complications during birth.

He has long brown hair tied into a ponytail at the end and wears a long-sleeved red shirt with purple stripes, a light brown fedora, and green pants


The Abhorrence is rather hyperactive, and acts as if everything he does is perfectly normal, even though he knows it's not. He also has a sense of humor and likes to make jokes, although often times he ends up the only one laughing at them.

He is strangely very kind to children. This may because he never had a good childhood of his own, or because he finds them charmingly crazy. No one knows for sure the real reason.


The Abhorrence inherited all of his predecessors powers after he fused with The Rake, though he has somehow developed some that are completely unique to him. Namely, his hallucinations are capable of becoming real, as his claws were apparently a hallucination.