The Archangel
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The Archangel, as drawn by Amelia Norvell

Fear of...

Religion, Religious Dogma, The Afterlife




The Timberwolves, Apostles

First Appearance

Eccentrically Bored

The Archangel is a portrayal of the Fear of Dying, religion, dogma, and the afterlife. It is from The Great Game Verse, where it is depicted as a twisted bastardization of the afterlife. Once a human being dies, their soul will become a part of The Archangel and will be tormented in its afterlife for all eternity. Joseph Steward believed that the only exception to becoming part of The Archangel after death was to be killed by a different Fear. This, he stated, would send you into nothingness instead.

The Archangel can also manifest as any dead person, but its favored form is as a figure in a gas mask. It will often assault humans for the purpose of increasing its supply of possible forms and has been known to use ordinary weapons to do so, especially long ranged ones. Why it chooses to do this when it has other methods is unknown. The Archangel has never been observed to speak, but has been know to communicate via writing. It writes all letters in lower-case with the exception of words referring to other Fears, wherein letters are capitalized.

Compared to the other Fears, the Archangel seems to take a much greater interest in The Great Game.

Its servants are the Timberwolves and Apostles.

The Archangel's domain is Bliss.


  • The Archangel was inspired by The First Evil from the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a disembodied entity that claims to be the source and embodiment of evil and can assume the form of any person who has died.
  • Before the creation of the Fear Mythos, Lizard Bite was going to use The Archangel in a cancelled vlog series called The 757. A heavily re-edited version of that story became the blog Eccentrically Bored. It was originally intended to be Slender Man's rival. The two of them would be caught in an epic game of wits, with humans as the pieces, an idea that eventually became the Great Game. Where the Slender Man would have been described as “the Terror of Life”, the Archangel would have been “the Terror of Death.”
  • Lizard Bite decided to go with the minimalist appearance of a man in a black hoodie and a gas mask for the Archangel because of budgetary concerns for his aborted vlog series The 757.


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