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The Architect

The Architect's debut in The North Woods Project

Fear of...

Power, Creation, Destruction




The Voyagers


Pawns, The Enlightened

First Appearance

The North Woods Project

The Architect is a portrayal of the Fear of Control, as well as power, creation and destruction. A remorseless and possibly omnipotent deity, it can create and destroy universes with many unusual traits that could tear apart the fabric of reality. In spite of the Architect's supposedly infinite power, it can only manipulate things that it has created. It is often described as a dark presence, entrenched in a flowing winter coat, donning a burnt, animal-like skull with gleaming red eyes. The Architect has also been seen with a pocket watch on a few occasions, which is said to be the true source of its tremendous abilities.

Its primary servants are the Pawns, a group of beings tasked with establishing order throughout the Architect's hellish creations. They are usually selected during the destruction of their universe, an event referred to as "The Reaper's Harvest" by the Pawns, and are no longer bound to a single timeline.

A religious sect known as The Enlightened can be found in almost every Architect Verse. Although they worship all Fears, they also hold the belief that among them, the Architect is the most powerful, and has been locked in a prison like Gate, set to be released by the Fears in the distant future. They are also known for stalking people referred to as "the Marked", Runners find markings on their hands after an encounter with the Fears.

In most stories, its domain is known simply as Doom.

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