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An Architect Verse being destroyed.

The Architect Verse It is not a single universe, it is an entire collection of universes with infinite upper dimensional layers created by The Architect

DISCLAIMER: The Architectverse is no longer involved in the Fear Mythos


Architect Verses are very small compared to the universe we currently reside in and possess a variety of unusual, potentially world destroying properties. While most, if not all Fears, can move freely in and out of just about every Architect Verse with relative ease, the only known inanimate object that can enter and/or exit an Architect Verse are web servers, hence the ability to view different videos and blogs taking place in separate realities. However, Architect Verses that are in no way connected to each other can interact if Dimensional Bleeding or a powerful external force interferes with the natural balance set, resulting in different story arcs overlapping multiple times.

Known Architect Verses

Major Architect Verses

Universe First Appearance Notes

The North Woods Project

Home to several cults that worship the Fears. It is described as a "hostile and unyielding place" to its native inhabitants. A good example of this is the Bombing of Paragord, a terrorist attack in which a nuclear bomb was set off by the Pawns in order to eliminate Enlightened members.

Jeff Woods

A world where numerous creepypasta characters, such as Jeff the Killer and Eyeless Jack, coexist with each other.
Ravisman Project D.E.A.D A high-tech, post-apocalyptic world. Unfortunately, much of Ravisman's history has been lost to time. What we do know is that the inhabitants of the universe created technological marvels and great innovations before The Architect and his legion of Pawns invaded, causing Ravismanian society to collapse. Now, only one city remains. Utopion is the last stronghold of humanity, ruled by a tyrannical and oppressive government called the Ravisman Protectorate Federation.
Nazorat Clock Meadows A world where humans coexist with magic and machines, with a lot of the effects turning bad most of the time. This verse is controlled by The Architect, Ønske and The Dying Man. Communication with this universe is very clustered due to magic interference but is still possible.

Minor Architect Verses

Universe First Appearance Notes
Istisna The North Woods Project

This Architect Verse was once a major universe. It has many bizarre traits, such as traces of things that existed in other universes. The universe is currently uninhabitable and was briefly mentioned in The North Woods Project

X'itium PhantomVoices A rather obscure universe that is often overlooked due to its vast darkness and emptiness. In this universe the Defiler's monoliths are widespread, creating darkness. From the darkness came horrific, corrupted beings, these being the dominant life form. Most are unintelligent and monstrous, though some were intelligent enough to found the kingdom known as The Red Kingdom.
Iscondus Breathing Chaos A young universe where a secret group of assassins called The Order of Lumane have influenced the universe's history. Their goal: to please their patron entity, Lumane, who is tied to the universe and has another half known as Solis. Iscondus is fairly unknown and untouched by beings outside of the universe other than The Architect himself.
Virgulta TBA At some point during Virgulta's history, humanity became aware of EAT and attempted to kill it, which unintentionally drained all the world's oceans and caused rain to become less common. All of the remaining water was left under the surface, forcing most of the species of Earth to retreat underground.
Aliendus The Two Amigos Though many debate whether or not this universe is a part of the multiverse, it is the oldest universe, and the first layer in the 'layered' multiverse. Despite it's age, it parallels modern day, unlike Ravisman or X'itium. This is because of an ancient, lost history involving the Monoliths and the earliest incarnations of the Enlightened.