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This article is about the Lizard Bite blog. For the eponymous organization, see The Archive.

Logo for the blog.

The Archive is an informational blog written by Lizard Bite. The main character, Scribe Sigma, is a member of the eponymous Archive, and disseminates information through the blog. It can be read here.


In between the regular informational posts, there was a longer story arc involving posts by someone named "Anchises." Each of his posts spelled out "sinsofthefather."

Eventually, it was revealed that Scribe Sigma's father Keeper Alpha was involved in an experiment, Experiment 208, to birth a new Fear and implanted it into "Neomaria," who was Scribe Sigma's half-sister. Analyst Alpha, Neomaria's mother, with the Martyrs on her side, staged a coup against the rest of the Archive in an attempt to gain control of Neomaria. She was resisted by Scribe Sigma and Inquisitor Nu, who was revealed to have been "Ghost" all along. In the end, Analyst Alpha was killed was she tried to cut open Neomaria and it was revealed the Nightlanders were fiercly protecting her. Neomaria escaped and Inquisitor Nu/Ghost was assigned to go after her.

The Archive is currently posting only informational posts.


  • The Archive is one of the more popular blogs, because it is informational and you don't need to know very much information to read it. Though it did have an overarching story, those posts could be skipped, and one can simply read the informational posts.