The Blind Man
The Blind Man, as drawn by Jasper

Fear of...

Getting old, Forgetting


The Catacombs


The Archivists

First Appearance

Hidden in the Trees

The Blind Man is the first portrayal of The Fear of Memory. He made his debut in The Great Game Verse, where he wandered libraries, always carrying an old book along with him. If he writes someone's name into his book with a quill pin, they will forget something, most often their childhood. However, there have also been times where he revisits past victims and will give them someone else's memories, turning them into Gifted.

He is described as an old man who wears a long, black coat and dark sunglasses or a blindfold. The root of his blindness differs depending on the story, including the Blind Man having empty eye sockets or blank skin where his eyes should be. This disability doesn't appear to hinder him in the slightest, and might even be the source of his vast intellect and wisdom of all past, present, and future events. He is frequently portrayed as a calm, detached, and somber individual who prefers standing on the sidelines as opposed to entering conflict with others. The Blind Man's servants are called Archivists and are all part of a organization known as The Archive, which is dedicated to collecting information concerning the Fears and their servants.

His domain is The Catacombs, where his bone-spiders weave the silk used to create the pages of his books.

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