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The Broken Veil Verse is an urban fantasy setting created by NoFourthWall that revolves around the sudden reemergence of magic and mythological creatures after the presence of The Fears becomes public knowledge.


Just as the Times Square Ball was about to be dropped on December 31, 2085, the entire world was changed in an instant when The Brute destroyed Midtown Manhattan on live television. Before anyone could even respond, a small army of Daemons began slaughtering people on the streets of London while a pack of Wendigos attacked Moscow, resulting in the deaths of over 30,000 citizens. Both incidents were eventually dealt with, but not before several Nightlanders went on a killing spree throughout Germany and dozens of Dying Man pieces possessed hundreds throughout East Asia and forced them commit suicide. By the end of the week it became very apparent these incidents were merely the prelude to a full-scale war between humanity and the supernatural. In response to the New Years tragedy, several anti-supernatural organizations began operating openly and more aggressively than ever before. Meanwhile new alliances were quickly being formed within the so-called paranormal community in an attempt to avoid annihilation. Right smack dab in the middle of this conflict is The Bird of Hermes Initiative, an organization that is fully aware there are good people on both sides and wish to prevent even more bloodshed.


Short Stories