The Brute and the Burning Bride
Brute and the burning bride 01
The Brute and the Burning Bride

Fear of...

Fire, Rage


The Grove of Fetters, Our Lady of the Immaculate Conflagration


Crimson Knights, Fireveined

First Appearance

The World Through These Eyeholes, "A Lesson"

The Brute and the Burning Bride are a portrayal of The Fear of Anger, of fire and rage, of burning anger and tranquil fury. They are a dual Fear - two entities representing a single fear. In many stories they are either the same being in two separate bodies or two entities that are simply interconnected.

"When in the Burning Bride's presence, you feel the Brute around you, just behind the veil of reality, frothing and raging and ready to burst out. Meanwhile, the Brute, even in its rage, has a sort of grace to it, and an intelligence in its eyes."

The Brute's domain is the Grove of Fetters and the Bride's domain is shown to be a burned out husk of a church, referred to once as Our Lady of the Immaculate Conflagration.

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