The Cloudverse is a verse created and utilized by Kiro Cloudwatcher. Each Cloudverse story takes place in the same Multiverse and usually revolve around Resonators.


"The Mainverse" (Cloudverse α-279)


Main Cloudverse "Canon" timeline. Read from the bottom to the top.

GarlicVerse (Cloudverse α-276)

FadedVerse (Cloudverse α-444)

(deleted but planned to be rewritten.)

Chronicle Verse (Cloudverse: α-927)

OwlyVerse (CloudVerse β-279)

(Coming soon)

LoveVerse (CloudVerse β-043)

  • FearLove (VN in planning stages- temporarily canceled )

Val (Cloudverse γ-279)

Wrong Worlds (CloudVerse ψ-008)


The Cloudverse has a diverse number of beings (some of which are The Fears, Unexplained Phenomena, or original creations) that fit into three categories of pantheons: Primordials, Divinities, and Demi-Gods. They usually take their names from ancient mythological beings.


The Primordials are independent entities that exist within the Cloudverse. They are the most powerful beings in the Multiverse and are similar in nature to the Outer Gods of The Cthulhu Mythos. They exist in between the universes. They spend their time traveling from verse to verse. Some wish to spread chaos, others prefer to spread order. Most of them are neutral beings.

The Empty City and The Quiet are examples of entities that fit into this category. The rest are original beings.

Each of them represents one of 27 elemental energies that are the building blocks of the cloudverses.

Known Primordials include:

  • Eli: A "male" Primordial that represents light. One of the younger ones. Ages ago he got into battle with Ashera, the god of Darkness, which caused a quantum split of the universe they were fighting in. In one timeline an older Primordial intervened and the two young Primordials made peace (this universe became Val). In another, Cybele (the goddess of life, created by their battle) attempted to intervene but she was too late and the Primordials destroyed one another, the fallout of this creating the first wave of Fears in that universe. (That universe being the Owly verse.) He now spends his days creating life around the Multiverse with Ashera. He is believed to have created the Angels on Val.
  • Ashera: A "female" Primordial that represents darkness. One of the younger ones. Ages ago she got into a battle with Eli, the god of Light. She now spends her days creating life around the multiverse with him. She is believed to be the Mother of the Demons on Val.
  • Atlas (Earth) [TBA]
  • Hydros (Water) [TBA]
  • Uranus (Wind) [TBA]
  • Typhon (Fire) [TBA]
  • Hyperion (Lightning) [TBA]
  • Vulcan (Metal) [TBA]
  • Mephitis (Toxic) [TBA]
  • Gaia (Nature) [TBA]
  • Koios (Ice) [TBA]
  • Khronos (Time) [TBA]
  • Hestia (Space) [TBA]
  • Terminus (Gravity) [TBA]
  • Aegaion (Radiation) [TBA]
  • Phanes (Mass) [TBA]
  • Aether (Energy) [TBA]
  • Metis (Mind) [TBA]
  • Eros (Emotion) [TBA]
  • Iapetos (Body) [TBA]
  • Psyche (Soul) [TBA]
  • Prometheus (Technology) [TBA]
  • Helios (Rebirth) [TBA]
  • Eos (Life) [TBA]
  • Selene (Death) [TBA]
  • Tartarus (Afterlife) [TBA]
  • The Coreverse, also known as The Omega Layer, The Empty City, representing Chaos. It is literally the entire Cloudverse Multiverse.
  • Void, The Quiet, representing the 28th element of Order. It is a presence outside of the multiverse. Every now and then a tendril of nothingness reaches into the Cloudverse and claims a handfull of unstable universes.


These are a multitude of god like beings that exist in all verses in one form or another. They draw their power from their own domain verse. The domains in turn are connected to the Omega layer. As long as they control a domain they will be reborn in every verse. The only Divinity that ever lost their domain was Persephone. The Divinities are mostly composed of the older Fears.

All of them are extensions of the Coreverse.

The Fears in the Alpha Verse, and the Mainverse itself, were created due to Dimensional Bleeding caused by the fight between Eli and Ashera. The energy that was released by this fight was immense and caused the Mainverse to jump to the Alpha Layer, a rare occurrence since verses almost never jump away from the core, always towards it. From these two Primordials remains, the Fears were born in that verse.

Known Divinities include:


Demi-Gods are god-like beings that only exist as local gods in some places and don't exist in other universes. They aren't very powerful in the few universes they live in, with the exception of Wrong Worlds. They are mainly composed of newer Fears and a few UXP's, such as Jack of All.

Known Demi-Gods include:


The following don't fit into the pantheons above:

  • The Slender Man was created by the Primordials and let loose to clean up the eldritch energy that causes layer jumping. He is slightly more powerful than the Fears, but doesn't exist in every universe like them because of his origin as a construct of the Primordials. He does have his own artificial domain however, but instead of drawing power from the CoreVerse it draws power from the Primordial that created it. He also doesn't have Resonators, so if he dies, he cannot reincarnate in that universe.
  • The Rake is simply an aspect of the dormant Brute.
  • The Masked God is a being that will appear in The Owly verse. Not much is known about it yet.


Mortal beings that are born with a connection to one of the Divinities. Their powers and abilities vary but they tend to make good hosts and/or servants for Divinities, as long as they stay alive. They can be hosts to Divinities that are not their source Divinity. They always share some traits with their respective source Divinity. For example a Burning Bride/Hera resonator will probably have problems controlling their anger.

When a Divinity dies one of it's Resonators can become the reincarnation of that Divinity. Which means Resonators are the key to the rebirth of Divinities.

Resonators themselves often reincarnate across the multiverse. These reincarnated resonators are always connected to the same Divinity.

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