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The Cold Boy
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The Cold Boy, as drawn by alliterator

Fear of...

Cold, Alienation


The Winter Court


The Children of the Cold

First Appearance

brighter than a spoon

The boy's face was cracked. It looked like he was made of ice and when I hit him, it created a single crack down the side of his face. 'You aren't very nice,' he said. The floor was covered in frost and my elbow was painfully hurting from where I had touched him. 'It's so cold. I think someone left the window open, because it's so cold.'
brighter than a spoon

The Cold Boy, the first portrayal of the Fear of Isolation, is a small boy-like abomination who represents the cold and alienation. In most stories, his modus operandi involves targeting lonely people and tricking them into mistaking him as a harmless child in order to trap them. But should someone looks more carefully they will quickly realize that he is made entirely out of ice, which crinkles and cracks when he moves.

His servants go by the name of The Children of the Cold.

The Cold Boy's domain is the Winter Court.