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The Darkling Thrush is a blog by alliterator about The Convocation. It can be read here.


The main character, Andrew, is given a bird-watching book for his birthday by his best friend, Taylor. Soon, he realizes that someone is leaving threatening notes for Taylor in her locker. He reads some of the notes and tries to figure out what they mean.

Finally, he sees who is leaving the notes: Mr. Lappet, their biology teacher. He follows Mr. Lappet outside and sees him open his mouth and several birds fly out. Freaked, Andrew runs away.

Andrew is given a hint to read about the Convocation. Then he decides to get Mr. Lappet caught in the act of leaving one of the notes, so he tips off the principal. The principal catches Mr. Lappet leaving a note, but Mr. Lappet simply opens his shirt to reveal open wounds from which the Convocation fly out and take the principal away (presumably to the Bleak Shore to be eaten). After Mr. Lappet leaves, Andrew reads his last note - Hello, Andrew - and realizes all the notes were meant for him.

Mr. Lappet meets Andrew outside his house and tells him that he can become like him - a Nest. Andrew only agrees if Mr. Lappet will agree to leave Taylor alone. The blog ends with Andrew becoming an apprentice to Mr. Lappet in the Bleak Shore.

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