Fear of...

Corruption, Sickness


The Rotting Rapids


Oathbreakers, The Cabaret of Death

First Appearance

Tales of the Titans

And then both were decay.
"Death and Disease"

The Decay is a portrayal of the Fear of Disease and Fear of Dying. It jumps between different bodies, infecting its hosts with illness as it does so. It rarely stays in a single body for long, preferring to allow the sickness do its work for it. When it does take on a consistent host, it dresses in a cloak and a skull mask.

The Decay did not always exist. Originally, it was two separate beings, the Unforgivable and the Plague Doctor. However, one night, the latter unknowingly began trailing after the former, thinking it was a human to infect or experiment on. The Unforgivable, however, turned around to reveal itself for what it was, and when the Plague Doctor realized its mistake, it was too late. The Unforgivable had already begun to absorb it.

The Decay's domain is known as the Rotting Rapids. The waters of the Rapids are disgusting to behold, and infested with mutated fish and overgrown plants. The banks are no better, composed of crumbling stone. In the distance, the Rapids funnel into a waterfall with a castle at the other end of the shore, but nobody has ever made it to the end and entered the castle.

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