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The Endless Obsession is a blog by DJay32 told entirely through audio, though the script is available for reading. The story deals with The Wooden Girl's insane drive for power and how far she's willing to go. It features voice actors from throughout the Fear Mythos, including a couple voice actors from the Slender Man Mythos.

It is a part of the greater Topography Genera story, technically being the sequel to Testing in Progress. It can be read and listened to in its entirety here.



The plot is taken from Rush's "Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres," Genesis' Duke suite, and William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, and many references were made to these.

The protagonist's name, "Roxanne Antony" (queenofinsanity6), is a play on "Rocinante," the ship of the protagonist of "Cygnus X-1." As she dies, she says the famous "Et tu, [Brutus]? And fall, [Caesar]" line from Julius Caesar.

The character "Abe" is named after Abe from the Oddworld series, a slave character who tries to escape. The character "Grunge" is named for the personification of the musical genre as used in Tenacious D's "The Metal," featuring the metal genre slaying all those that oppose it.