The Eye
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The Eye, as drawn by Amelia Norvell

Fear of...

Judgement, Punishment, Guilt


The Tribunal



First Appearance

Hidden in the Trees

The Eye is a portrayal of the Fear of Guilt, punishment and judgment. It first appeared in Hidden in the Trees, where it was described as a floating, disembodied human eye. Once The Eye presents itself to a person it will find another victim and possess their body, becoming an entity called "Judgment." The body of Judgment will slowly burn up, but they will try to kill the original victim before the host body is completely destroyed. It was originally suggested that the Eye only punished those who committed heinous crimes, but this was later proven wrong. In actuality, The Eye preys upon anyone with strong feelings of guilt, regardless of how superficial their offenses may be. The Eye doesn't really care how terrible its targets actually are and will completely ignore someone without empathy or remorse. But if you're a decent person who can’t stand to know you’ve done something wrong, it will stop at nothing to destroy you.

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