The Faceless Bastard (Sergei Korchaviv) is a Nest with the ability to use The Convocation to replace his ruined eyesight. He commonly wears masks to hide his face or lack thereof. He seems to relish in killing things and uses a machete as his weapon of choice, joking that using a machete is traditional for masked murderers. He also claims to enjoy a greater autonomy from his masters than most servants.


Sergei Korchaviv once led a normal life with a loving wife and young son until his house caught on fire. His family got out, but he wasn't so lucky; he survived, but his eyesight and face were damaged beyond repair. Broken and disabled, his wife left him, taking their child with her. He was then approached by The Convocation afterwards, who offered to give him sight and power. He accepted and cut open his mutilated face with a knife to seal the deal, leaving a gaping hole from his forehead to just above his lips. He uses this hole in his face as an exit point for the Convocation that does not require him to cut himself. He then killed his wife and son to prove that he was completely loyal to the Convocation. He continued to live in his old house until it was burned down by Proxies.


He acquired a new mask from a defeated enemy calling herself The Grinning Reaper. It is a skull mask with a cap over one eye. This does not seem to affect his sight since the birds only need one eyehole to look out of.

He has also acquired a new weapon after his machete was destroyed. It is a simple blade that is a mixture between a machete and a cutlass. 


  • Over time several authors have developed a reoccurring theme in which The Faceless Bastard's death is associated with fire to some degree, even if the connection is not completely obvious or indirect.


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