The Fear Files is a wiki created by Bryn as a collaborative anthology project. Each entry is a document created by an in-universe organization or individual, such as the Archive. It can be found here.


  • "A. Preston interview transcript" (Bryn): A transcript of an interview between SMSC operative Agent Diamond and a man named Alexander Preston, who was accosted by a member of KRAKEN and later found a strange religious document left at his home
  • "From the journal of Richard Blake" (Bryn): A transcript of an anti-war statement written by a former Crimson Knight whose home mysteriously burned down before he could share his manifesto. The transcript was originally owned by the SMSC, and a copy was later sold to the Archive.
  • "Memorandum to Overseers of all Archive branches" (Bryn): An Archive 2026 story in which Overseer Alpha of the NYC branch of the Archive sends a memo to all other Overseers stating that, with the Brute having made its presence known in New York and the Blind Man unable to wipe the memories of everyone aware of it, the Archive's only hope is to start capturing and containing anomalous beings and objects instead of keeping the paranormal under wraps.
  • "ORG22" (Bryn): An Archive 2026 story about the Artificers' Guild, a group of Manufactured Newborn servants from the Middle Ages who time-traveled to the early 21st century.
  • "Panopticon Mission Statement" (Bryn): A file explaining the goals of the Panopticon from their own perspective, meant to inform and inspire new recruits while leaving out certain unsavory details about Panopticon methodology.
  • "PRE00" (Bryn): An Archive 2026 story about the Deep, which is somehow simultaneously secured within and enveloping an Archivist who was sacrificed by his supervisors to secure said Fear. "PRE00" is primarily an experimental story, meant to explore the Deep while leaving its exact nature characteristically ambiguous.
  • "PRE01" (Bryn): An Archive 2026 story about the Slender Man.
  • "PRE02" (Bryn): An Archive 2026 story about the Rake.
  • "PRE10" (Bryn): An Archive 2026 story about the Black Dog. Notable for being the first story written for Archive 2026, which at the time was meant as a one-off concept for this specific document.
  • "PRE23" (Bryn): An Archive 2026 story about the Vision.
  • "PRE32" (Bryn): An Archive 2026 story about the Constant Wanderer, who refers to themself as Asushunamir.
  • "Sales Proposal: 'Shades of Hades'": An Archive 2026 story about the Company selling enchanted sunglasses to the Mountebank Club, written to introduce the Company and give an idea of their motives and methodology.
  • "Security camera footage from Chicago SMSC HQ" (Bryn): A story about the Eye punishing the SMSC for prioritizing classification over humanity.
  • "THEM" (Bryn): A document written by a seemingly paranoid conspiracy theorist called the Seeker, who writes about beings he calls "THEM." From an out-of-universe perspective, THEY are Fears, UXPs, and creatures combined with influences from urban legends, conspiracy theories, and cryptozoology. Whether the Seeker is correct in his fears that THEY are real and trying to suppress the truth is left ambiguous, as is the question of whether they bear as much resemblance to legendary creatures as his descriptions suggest.
  • "UXP032" (Bryn): An Archive 2026 story about a minor UXP called the Iron Orb, a perfectly smooth sphere made of solid iron that does not rust or grow dirty and grows when exposed to cold water. While it is thought to have a potential connection to the Manufactured Newborn, testing has been put on hold due to events taking place in March 2025.
  • "UXP214" (Bryn): An Archive 2026 story about Omega, whose tendency to die and come back over and over is explained as the result of the Constant Wanderer's time warps.
  • "UXP1111" (Bryn): An Archive 2026 story about a minor UXP called Velcro, an immortal dog that can teleport to its owner when separated from them.


  • The Fear Files was created with the intent of acting as a Fear Mythos equivalent to the SCP Foundation wiki, specifically in-universe documents such as SCP files and Group of Interest overviews. This is best illustrated by the Archive 2026 setting, in which Archive Martyrs track down and contain paranormal beings and objects in a similar manner to the Foundation.
  • The Fear Files was originally published as a blog, which can be found here.
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