Can it get more meta?

The Fear Mythos was a blog by alliterator. It is often referred to as a "metablog," because it does not take place in the traditional Fear Mythos canon; it takes place outside the Fourth Wall, where the Fear Mythos is fiction. It can be read here.

This blog itself started as the series bible for the Fear Mythos. It was changed due to a criticism that it "explained too much."


The main character is alliterator. He starts the blog as a series bible and to discuss the progress of the Mythos as a whole and his own blogs individually. His first blog (brighter than a spoon) has ended and he wants to make another, so he does, in the form of Gumshod, about a hardboiled PI named Dalmas. However, he gets writer's block and cannot continue.

Soon after, alliterator finds strange things happening related to individual Fears. Finally, he meets a man named Isaac who tells him that he has created something far bigger than him and that now that he has created it, it has always been. Then, posts on the blog begin appearing signed by "Dalmas," the fictional character alliterator created.

Eventually, Isaac tells alliterator that the Fears were just waiting for someone to create them so that they could exist. He tells alliterator to play the game, i.e. keep writing blogs, as that is what the Fears want. He makes alliterator see all the Fears, so he is no longer blind to them.

After that, Dalmas pays a visit to alliterator. He had been leaving more posts, asking questions about whether or not it was alliterator himself who was fictional. He tells alliterator to just play the game by the rules. "They are unheard and invisible and ineffable. They cannot be understand or explained. But rules are rules, he said. And we have to play by them." It is left unclear about whether Dalmas is talking about the Fears or the authors. Then Dalmas disappears.

alliterator posts descriptions of the Fears, but then right after says that he cannot play the game. He still has writer's block and cannot continue to write a blog. Then he signs off, presumably to his death:

"we made it all up and it all came true anyway

every single word

welcome to

the fear mythos"


  • The arc words for the blog, "We made it all up and it all came true anyway," come from an Alan Moore comic, From Hell. In it, Robert Lees, a famous psychic, is explaining to his friend that he faked all his predictions, including faking seizures. All of his predictions were a complete fiction. His friend points out that they all came true, though, and Robert Lees acknowledges that. "I made it all up, and it all came true anyway. That's the funny part."
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