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The Four Roses Verse is a setting created by Staccato. What the Four Roses are supposed to be, and why they are so important to the setting is unknown.

List of Works

The Four Roses Verse is, theoretically, composed of five different works. However, only one has been completed so far. All of the blog titles come from songs or albums of the progressive rock band Tangerine Dream. Despite being published on a blog site, none of the works of the Four Roses Verse are actually blogs. Convention of the 24 is akin to a short story collection, while Journey Through a Burning Brain is a novella divided into chapters.

  • Rising Runner Missed by Endless Sender
  • The Big Sleep in Search of Hades
  • ??? (blog title as of yet unknown)

List of Characters introduced

  • The Constant Wanderer (real name unknown): A human that is forced to visit the Fears domains, again and again (as seen in Convention of the 24). As of Journey Through a Burning Brain, they may be a Fear now (or maybe not).
  • Yasako Kamikita: The Flower on the Precipice. 18-years old Japanese high-schooler. For some reason, she is the only person in her town that the Fears cannot physically harm.
  • Kirie Fuchiki: Kirie's classmate and best friend. Bold and spunky. She claims to still be herself even after having been chosen as the Intrusion's host.
  • Anneliese McDermott: A mysterious transfer student. She is English-born and looks like a doll. Quite fitting, now that she's the Wooden Girl's new host.
  • Toshihiko Mimori: Yasako's neighbor who died two years ago. This doesn't stop him from visiting Yasako.
  • The Pale Blue Rose: The Azure Shard, the Phantasmal Illogical and the Eternity Called 'Bonds'. One of the four entities that gave the Four Roses verse its name. She looks like a young girl with pale skin and blue hair, and the Fears (especially the Eye) seem to hate her.