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The Game Master (William Timerus) is a powerful entity who existed all the way back in Ancient Egypt. He originally served as one of The Wooden Girl's pets, and was the creator of the Egyptian Shadow Games, where people's souls were placed on the line. He eventually grew tired of his mistress, and with the help of the other Fears, he gained enough strength to turn against her. He acquired mystical powers which rivaled that of the Fears and became the ruler of his own domain, The Board.

The Game Master takes the form of a tall skeleton wearing tattered clothing and a mask with a spade, a club, a diamond and a heart. He also wears a hooded cloak which can shapeshift into a flock of talking bats. He is an infamous figure for bringing humans to the Board to participate in tournaments where the contestants must fight to the death. Although he is not a Fear, tournament participants sometimes believe The Game Master is the Fear of Victory and being forced to fight your loved ones.

He has two types of servants: The Deck Of 54, who live with him on the Board, and his Emissaries, who exist in the human world and do his bidding.

The Game Master's Tournament

The current tournament involves a number of participants with various blogs: