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The Godless World is a post-apocalyptic wasteland setting created by NoFourthWall and Rajkot that explores the aftermath of the death of CHANGE, an alternate version of The Glitch who was killed by the SMSC.


In the beginning of time there was nothing, save empty space and silence. That is, until the entity formerly known as CHANGE came into existence, applying form to what was once nothing. As the universe continued to expand the FACTS, CHANGE's brethren, joined their elder "sibling" and filled their roles in the universe. But like reality, CHANGE started to alter as well; as time passed it developed sentience and began to modify the laws it once created and upheld, allowing creatures that could alter space and time to exist. The FACTS quickly realized their "brother" had abandoned the laws it had established and retaliated, severely weakening it in the process. Out of desperation, CHANGE fled across the universe until it found the planet Earth, where it joined the pantheon of The Fears under the new identity of The Glitch. However, the Fears quickly became fearful of the Glitch's vast amount of power and eventually decided to trap it in The Empty City, where they attempted to annihilate it. Through sheer luck The Glitch managed to survive, but at a terrible cost, as it was captured by The SMSC shortly afterwards.

Several decades of imprisonment passed, with every single attempt at interrogating the Glitch for any information concerning itself and the rest of the Fears being complete failures. Realizing that they were never going to make any progress, the SMSC finally decided to execute the Glitch once and for all. Yet, rather than saving the world from one of the monsters that plagued humanity, the SMSC inadvertently caused the apocalypse. For one reason or another, reality started to tear itself apart at an unprecedented rate without the Glitch's divine presence. The Fears' domains started to merge with Earth, thousands of supernatural creatures were created out of thin air, and in a few short decades civilization was a distant memory. Drawn to where their former brother had been killed, the FACTS found a world ravaged by the unnatural. Retracting their influence from most of the universe, they focused on earth in order to retain what little order remained at any cost, even if it meant the extinction of the human race.