The Grotesque

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The Grotesque

The Grotesque, as made by Luc

Fear of...

Dreams, Nightmares





First Appearance

"Wake Up"

The Grotesque is the first portrayal of the Fear of the Irrational, of nightmares coming to life and of the ambiguity that lies in our subconscious. It watches over a victim's dreams while they sleep and can enter their dream and take control. It can show them things they've done, or it can cause them to go into a dream-induced stupor. In some stories, The Grotesque is a herald of Fears to come, never working by itself but instead working in conjunction with whatever Fear is in need of aid.

It can manifest itself as any aspect of the dream, with its most common interpretation being that of a freakish circus. Victims of the Grotesque will often find themselves sleepwalking and waking up in unusual places. The Grotesque will then take complete control over the victim's subconscious, placing them in an unending dream from which they can never wake up.

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