The Jeanette Experience is a blog by GraciousVictory about The Smiling Man. It was not originally part of the Fear Mythos, but was later incorporated after Gracious discovered it and joined the forum. It can be read here.

The Jeanette Experience also has two companion blogs: Runneth Over, a blog for Penny Balisong, and Ace/Knight/Ten/King, a blog for those hunting Jeanette and company.



  • Jeanette Cotton: A tomboyish teenager who is hunting down The Smiling Man.
  • Tara Tillinghast: A member of the group that "created" the Smiling Man.
  • Penny Balisong/Alison Mason: Another member of the group of people who "create" the Smiling Man and the writer of Runneth Over. She has since joined Jeanette's ragtag group and has started dating her.
  • Chelsea Balisong/Alice Mason: Penny's sister and Jeanette's second girlfriend.
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