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The Manufactured Newborn
The Manufactured Newborn, as drawn by alliterator

Fear of...

The Future, Technology


The Towering Realm


The Artificers' Guild, Towerborn, Thoughtborn

First Appearance

Hidden in the Trees

The Manufactured Newborn is the first portrayal of the Fear of the Future, especially technology. It primarily manifests as a small, unassuming object before slowly building itself bigger and bigger with inorganic and organic materials. When it has grown to what it deems to be sufficient mass, it will open a portal to The Towering Realm, an alternate reality where its real body lies - a vast tower of clockwork and body parts. The Newborn has no definitive goal beyond continually evolving until it finally reaches the point of technological singularity.

The Newborn's first appearance was in a crossover between Hidden in the Trees and Still Remains Within, where it was still in its larval form as a pocketwatch. Joseph Steward was assigned to retrieve it from a Lonely Hearts agent known as Maxwell, who stole it from Peter Rivers. Joseph tracked it to an amusement park located in Hope Township, New Jersey, where it sank into Maxwell's flesh and used his body to give birth to itself. It joined the rest of the Fears shortly afterwards.

It has two types of servants: Towerborn and Thoughtborn.