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The Mother of Snakes
Mother of snakes by soundslikestrawberry-d4q7upz
The Mother of Snakes, as drawn by Soundslikestrawberry

Fear of...

What you were, what you are, what you might become


The Garden of Desolation


The Lilim

First Appearance

The Foul Rag and Bone Shop

The Mother of Snakes isn't just the fear of serpents, but the first portrayal of the Fear of Ourselves -- of what we are, what we have become, and what we might become. She is the fear of looking into the mirror and hating what you see. When you do, she is there to tempt you, trying to make you walk into the other side of the mirror with promises of self-improvement.

Her servants, the Lilim, are often written finding new victims for her. They are nearly all women who have given in to the tempting words of the Mother of Snakes and have been gifted with fangs, scales, and the ability to travel through mirrors.

She prefers to stay behind mirrors and in her domain, the Garden of Desolation.