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The Neonate are a cast of Fears representing all the Fears not represented in the proper cast of antagonists in OH GOD THE RAPTURE IS BURNING. They were brought into existence by The Anathema through a process that is hinted to be heavily involved with the Topography Genera Center.

The Original Neonate

Before the events of The Rapture Logs, a single Fear of the Future existed. The Neonate was a man made of clockwork who drove people insane by his eldritch complexity, obsessing over conspiracy theories, philosophy, and chess. He had mysteriously disappeared, but not before somehow splitting into several individual beings.


So far, The Neonate has been confirmed to have at least seven Fears.

  • The Adrift : A Fear who is seen as insecure and easily impressionable, the Adrift can transform into hideous images, usually showing itself as a little girl or a clown, due to Jordan's suggestion.
  • Louhi: Known as a queen in Finnish mythology, Louhi was a sorcerer, until the Rapture changed her mindset to only reflect on past events. She awoke as the Speculum when summoned to become a Red Fear, until she was forced to retreat to Pohjola, which has now been engulfed by Xanadu, and is killed. She is revived in The Cockroach Metamorphosis.
  • The Rapturous: A friendly aspiring scientist and botanist.
  • Asclepius: A simple-minded healer, Asclepius, previously named the Foliage, has a great fear of lawsuits, and was driven to the brink of suicide.
  • The Reverie: A more powerful Grotesque, also using water motifs in its dreams. The Reverie is the only Fear of the Neonate to survive, currently hiding.
  • The Kingdom: The Kingdom has a fascination with monarchies, to the point of his bugs forming monarchies themselves.
  • The Pacific: The Quiet.

All of The Red Fears are also part of the Neonate, except they entered this universe in Act IV as opposed to Act III.


The Neonate are progressive Fears. As they are introduced, they are incompetent, flawed, and played heavily for laughs, yet they become very threatening as the story continues.