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The Nightlanders
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The Nightlanders, as drawn by Jasper

Fear of...

The Unseen, Things in the Dark




The Crepuscular Mysteries

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The Nightlanders are the most common portrayal of the Fear of the Unknown. They are among the most ambiguous of all the Fears, with everything from motive to appearance to behaviour and abilities changing drastically depending on the story. They have been written taking a variety of different forms: voices that whisper at the back of your mind, shadows that speak, humanoid figures with dark skin and burning eyes, or moving pictures within a bloodstained book of Grimm Tales. They are meticulous, dangerous, and demanding. Their games are paramount, and God forbid you deny them or disobey a direct order. They take organs, loved ones, blood, and pain as "punishments" for opposition. The games that the Nightlanders play can last an entire lifetime, and many good men have gone totally mad from the psychological torture they are put through.

The symptoms of a Nightlander victim vary from story to story. Compulsions, delays in reciprocal social interaction (as they consider how best to fulfill the "role" they've been assigned), gaze avoidance, fragmented sentence structures, fear of the dark, twitching, and self-mutilation are common. Victims of the Nightlanders are often in a constant state of paranoia, and tend to try to leave cryptic messages in the things they write.

A cult, The Crepuscular Mysteries, is known to worship the Nightlanders in Channel Fear.