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The symbol of the Nomadic Verse, as made by Bryn

The Nomadic Verse is a multiverse created by Bryn and WonderPsycho. The Nomadic Verse is composed of a variety of Nomadic Verses, different worlds created either through different beginnings to their existence or through significant changes throughout their existence. Nomadic Verses which were created in other manners do exist, however, such as having been created deliberately by intelligent beings.

The setting is so-called because of Nomads, a type of servant who are capable of traveling through the multiverse at will. It is intended to be open for anyone to contribute to and do what they want in, though individual Nomadic Verses may not be open to contributors other than their creators, so it's best to make sure that they are before creating content for them.

Known Nomadic Verses

Infinite Nomadic Verses exist, but only some have been given specific names out-of-universe.

Verse First Appearance
The Chaos Verse myfirstchannel100
The Gentlemen Verse He Wasn't Lying (planned)
The Horror Verse madness is not a state of mind
The Many Earths Verse The Sleeper's Player
The Monarchy Verse Bronze's Bribery
The Star Atom Verse StarAtom (planned)


Stories which are intended for a particular Nomadic Verse are listed under that setting's page; those intended to take place in the Nomadic Verse, with no specific one in mind, are listed here.

Planned Stories