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The Pandemonium Three (also known as The Pandemonium Trilogy) is the title given to three vlogs/blogs taking place in The Architect Verse, the main antagonists being a dark entity called Gniomhare, The Virus, and The Director. The series that make up the trilogy include, The Two Amigos, SkypeUser815, and AloneInAHouse, the largest being The Two Amigos. 


A poster for the final season of The Two Amigos

The Two Amigos takes place mainly in the protoverse Aliendus, created by The Architect. It centers around two friends, Joseph and David, who begin a vlog as a summer project, but rather swiftly accidentally summon Gniomhare and his close partner, The Director, as well as The Virus, suspected to be a soft-core slave of the former two. Throughout the series Gniomhare attempts to have The Virus control the boys as well as steal the abilities they possess as Marked Ones.

It has a YouTube channel, and a Twitter page.


SkypeUser815 takes place mainly in the Architect Verse, Effyrayant, and centers around three characters, Natalie, the narrator of the story, Jonah, more commonly called 'The Hacker' because of his use of a friend Natalie's Skype Account to contact her and send her files, and Ivan, a high ranking member of the Oblivion's Creed and main antagonist of the series, along with The Virus.

It has a YouTube channel.


Alone In A House takes place in a small universe created by Gniomhare to one day rival The Architect Verse known as Seachma, and centers around an amnesiac who wakes up in a strange dimension where it's always night and a dark green tint envelopes the world and The Director, who aims to slowly remind the main character of her past, and cause her suffering, roams.

It has a blog, and a YouTube channel.

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