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The Path of Dread

The Pendulum is a portrayal of the Fear of the Future. It silently observes time and essentially acts as a spectator of all things that have been, will be, or currently are. It exists at all locations simultaneously, and can essentially be a crossroad of existence. Not even it can recall who built it or why, just that it always has been and always will be. The Pendulum cannot "speak" to a person through words; instead a person can learn what it is saying by listening to the sounds of its clockwork.

The body of The Pendulum is a mass of machinery and clockwork that fits together into a working frame. The Pendulum is capable of "building" itself a form of any shape and size made entirely of clockwork machinery. Seeing it causes individuals to be driven entirely mad or are suicidally depressed afterwards due to one of two possibilities. The first is that the Pendulum reveals every single detail of an individuals life in startling precision. Any individual who tries to deviate from what they learned will always find themselves in a situation where it comes true regardless, with minor deviations. The second possibility is that an individual is shown every possible variation of every possible situation. This can result in someone seeing the same situation several different ways, ranging from unbelievable to absolutely terrifying.

The Pendulum's domain is called the Swirling Sands, also known as The Great Sands of Time; a domain where time either moves much differently or not at all. The domain is comprised of countless clocks, watches, gears, minute and hour hands, numbers, and other clockwork machinery. Venturing into the Swirling Sands can often result in an individual being forcibly sent to a totally random period of time in a completely random location.

The Doomsday Clock is a cult that worships The Pendulum and see it as the answer to all questions. Members of the Doomsday Clock believe that The Pendulum can fix everything and carry around devices that make the same sound as the click of their master to spread its sound. Said cult members are fundamentally insane and cannot hear much other than the constant clicking of the Pendulum. The name "Doomsday Clock" is derived from the massive clock in their 'church' that is frozen at 11:59. Supposedly it is working and the clockwork inside is still ticking, and the day the universe is to end as foretold by The Pendulum is when the clock will strike Midnight.