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The Red Fears, also known as The New Neonate, are a cast of mythological deities who were summoned by Rapture to preoccupy the protagonists in Act IV of OH GOD THE RAPTURE IS BURNING.


So far, this list of Fears is known to be a part of, or around the same time as, The Red Fears.

  • The Colour of Blood: The head of the Red Fears, sister of The Devil, and the "hostess" of Tuonela (while also simultaneously being Tuonela itself).
  • Jumala: The Abrahamic shape-shifting God, able to see far into the future, but reveals this through cryptic means, Jumala appears to each person in comforting forms, and had shown itself during the apocalypse in order to stop Rapture, but was instead thrown into the Rapture.
  • The Letter H: Known as Hestia, the Letter H is the living embodiment of fire, and is associated with the Iemaker. She is responsible for creating unrest between the protagonists before finally being thrown into the Rapture.
  • The Iemaker: Known as the Minotaur, the Iemaker manifests as the living embodiment of smoke, known to create mazes, and is associated with the Letter H. He lulls Donnie into a sleep while separated from his partner.
  • Tytar Tuuri: Tytar Tuuri appears as a woman in a golden tunic vaguely associated with gambling but generally giving Jordan conflict: She beats him and he can't bring himself to fight back because he's too enamoured. She was consumed by Rapture when she freed the protagonists.
  • Lerna: Also known as Janus, Lerna has the power to shape-shift into any historical figure.
  • The Vane: The Vane identifies as male, and could appear as a large sphere of wind, or any other weather-related abomination.
  • The Catechist: The Catechist is one of the only Red Fears that does not draw offense to being described as a Fear. He is a being of stone, also associated with neurons, who insists on answering all questions honestly, knowing that the truth can be scary. His few appearances in the logs associate him with Ten Speed, compounding his Fear with an even more otherworldly knowledge.
  • The Cult of Eris: A cult that worships a goddess who may or may not actually exist. They act on chance.
  • Lempo: Lempo was responsible for torturing Fentzy and himself was rarely seen in the logs.
  • Paineilmalaitteet : Paineilmalaitteet is the name for an older version of Eric Taylor
    • Tacherlunge: Tacherlunge is a slightly younger version of Paineilmalaitteet.

Relation to The Neonate[]

The Neonate are technically every entity from Tuonela, though for convenience purposes "The Neonate" usually refers to the seven who arrived in Act III and "The Red Fears" refers to those in Act IV.