The Secret History of the World

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The Secret History of the World is a blog by alliterator. In involves multiple Fears and time travel. It can be read here.


A. Nobody and her friends are "unstuck in time" similar to Billy Pilgrim from Slaughterhouse-Five, thus they call themselves Pilgrims.

Part I: Assassination Vacation

A. finds herself in Dallas, 1963, where she sees the Rawboned Man, who sends her back to her own time somehow. Soon after that, she becomes unstuck again, while a future version of her finds herself in the present. The future version tells them that current A. is stuck in the Ambassador Hotel in 1968, where Robert Kennedy was killed. In 1968, A. sees the Rover in the Ambassador Hotel before falling asleep again and returning to the present.


  • A. Nobody: the narrator, female.
  • Roland: fellow Pilgrim, male, manages to bankroll them due to a future version leaving him some good stock tips.
  • Mona: fellow Pilgrim, female. Has a pessimistic outlook on their situation.
  • Ballerina "Bally": fellow Pilgrim, female. Is slightly more naive then the others, though still smart in her way.

Fear Names

The Secret History of the World uses different names for the Fears than normal. So far, there is:

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