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Logo as seen on the blog.

The Supernatural Anaesthetist was a blog by alliterator. It was one half of the Topography Genera duet. It focused on the experiments of Doctor Cloud as he observes the eldritch gods and they observe him in turn. Its companion was Topography Genera Center EastThe Supernatural Anaesthetist can be read here.


The blog is divided up into five acts:

  1. Classical Limits
  2. Linear Equations (contains the Machine Gospels)
  3. Observer Effects (contains Hymn from Proserpine and Secret Mysteries )
  4. Uncertainty Principles (contains The Impenitent Thief)
  5. Degrees of Freedom, or: Karma Police

Each of the acts is named after a concept from physics, quantum mechanics, or math (classical limit, linear equation, observer effectuncertainty principle, degree of freedom) and together they spell out "CLOUD." Each Act also focuses on a specific Fear: The first and fifth both focus on general plot, the second focuses on The Manufactured Newborn, the third on The Mother of Snakes, and the fourth on The Dying Man.