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The Trickster
The Trickster, as seen in PhantomVoices.

Fear Of...

Miscommunication, Conflict, Lies


The Boulevard of Shards


The Articles of Mischief

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The Trickster is a portrayal of the Fear of Miscommunication. He can affect and warp the perception and judgment of his victims. When materialized, he possesses shadowy appendages (one account said tentacles while another says wings) and a ghostly connection to the physical world. He always claims something in his victims, be it their eyesight, hearing, etc. It is speculated that he is the reason elderly people tend to be hard of hearing, as his presence and claim over their senses grow in effect over time.

His realm is the Boulevard of Shards, which he was trapped in for the entirety of Arc 1 of PhantomVoices. He seems to have a connection to October 31, as he was freed from his domain on that day. During the Intermission between Arc 1 and Arc 2, a personal conflict with the Slender Man is made obvious, referred to by the both of them as a power struggle.

Its servants are The Articles of Mischief.