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The Path of Dread

The Typhoon is a portrayal of The Fear of Nature, storms and natural disasters from the The Path of Dread. It is a very powerful and dangerous being, as it has complete control over forces of nature such as tornadoes, floods, tsunamis, and so on. Once unleashed upon land, it is a force to be reckoned with and is often viewed as mankind's punishment and destruction by onlookers. This Fear has the ability to shoot incredibly powerful bolts of lightning capable of easily decimating entire armies, and can destroy an entire city with its twister-like legs with just a few steps. It is seen as a mindless beast intent on destroying anything that crosses its path, but it will avoid certain places and/or objects, showing some form of intelligence.

Its domain is known as the Gale Tempest, and is easily identified as the most oppressive environment known to man, as tornadoes and other natural disasters occur frequently there, with thick, heavy rain pouring down to no known end.

Its servants are called Cyclones, humans who were granted storm powers by the Typhoon, mainly humans with the ability known as Atmokinesis. It is believe that humans with the psi power of Atmokinsis have been "touched" by the Typhoon and chose them as its servants to help it in showing the end for mankind.