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The Unbounded Face
The unbounded face.jpg
The Unbounded Face, as drawn by alliterator

Fear of...

Indecision, Manipulation





First Appearance

Dreamless Darkness

The Unbounded Face is a member of The Answer and a portrayal of the Fear of Control, representing indecision and manipulation. It will come to you when you're at a breaking point in your life.

It usually appears as either a head or a full body, the head consisting of any number of multiple faces at a time. Sometimes, the Unbounded Face will appear as millions of faces all on an infinitely large head. They will constantly change, even while you look at them, morphing and melting into other faces, becoming replaced by other members of the Unbounded Face. Some seem to look normal, others caricatures of emotion (Happiness, Sadness, Anger, etc.)

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