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The Undecided Five is a Fearvlog following five teenagers: Edward, Chris, Skye, Violet, and Alex.

The characters create the YouTube account to celebrate Edward's birthday and as a lasting memory to their good times at high school as they near graduation.

What starts off as Edward simply being socially withdrawn soon develops further as the group begins to receive eerie messages and cryptic threats, leading up to the group quickly figuring out something more is going on and soon leading into encounters with The Fears.

Throughout the series, side characters Scott, Cam, Emi, and Sam appear to help and protect the Five. Soon, members of the Five start vanishing (or dying), including Edward, Emi, and Chris (as of 3/28/12). Strange Videos consisting of vague videos of the Five, dolls, and codes start appearing on their Youtube channel and a strange little girl they call Giggles starts causing trouble and injuring them.

Like some other Vlogs it is fairly expansive, separating the content across the youtube channel and tumblrs including a part in-game/part out-of-game forum. There is also an out of game facebook page dedicated to it.

The Undecided Five ended on January 1st, 2013 with its final video 24 - Escape.



  • Edward. Known for his reclusiveness and misanthropy.
  • Chris. Submissive and shy.
  • Skye. A former drug user and the most outgoing of the five.
  • Violet. Very shy and quiet.
  • Alex. An artist with apparent anger issues.

Side characters

  • Scott. An old friend of Skye's and a very protective person.
  • Cam. A friend of Violet's.
  • Emi. Quiet and keeps to herself.
  • Sam.


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