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The Venter Mythos, also known as the Venter Verse, is a mythos created by SoulEatingBunny. It is named after Venters, man-made machines that allow the user to travel through different dimensions, and revolves around the terrifying creatures called Lepers. Lepers are insect-like monsters that have their own separate races and abilities, each more frightening than the last. Lepers can travel to the Earthly realm through Monuments, and the world governments try their best to hide all evidence of their existence from the public.

Like We The Afflicted, the Venter Mythos was initially completely unconnected to The Fear Mythos aside from both being horror themed open source settings. However, due to the inactivity Venter Mythos, some creators have incorporated elements of it into the Fear Mythos to ensure it isn't forgotten.



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