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The Vision
The Vision, as depicted in Panopticon: The Fear Mythos RPG'

Fear of...

Destiny, Inevitability


The Streams of Destiny



First Appearance

A New Fear Will Soon Be Born

The Vision is the first portrayal of the Fear of Knowledge, specifically of destiny and inevitability. It is most often written as a young woman with an impossibly beautiful face who can see into the future. Other prominent features of her physical appearance include extremely large irises, a lack of pupils, and claw tipped fingers. She is sometimes depicted with red bat or bird-like wings and is often described wearing a blue dress. Her eyes can see further than any normal human being's gaze, giving her the ability to see people's destinies and the paths that could be taken. Anyone who gazes into her eyes will, in most stories, see glimpses of their own destiny. As she shows her victims more future events, their sanity will slowly chip away as they try to avoid their destiny or find out more. The Vision can transfer small portions of her consciousness into humans by looking straight into their eyes. These people refer to themselves as Scions and will usually gain a small fraction of her power as a result of the transfer. Many of them serve her willingly to find out more, though a few have used their new powers to rebel against their intended master. The Vision can also gain control of her Scions' bodies for short periods of time.

Unlike most of the other Fears, The Vision has been shown to have romantic relationships with other characters. While certain stories make it so she can actually experience human emotions like love, others have her using people's feelings for her as a means to an end. Regardless of which option is applied to a certain story, almost every single relationship has ended in disaster at some point. This particular trait originated in The Daniel-Verse, where she was courted and impregnated by The Ace of Chaos, creating a long bloodline of distant descendants.

The Vision's domain is The Streams of Destiny.

In The Great Game, she is often allied with The Blind Man and The Slender Man.