The Fear Mythos Wiki

Drawn by Pandora

The Wandering Cloak is a high ranking Leper, but unlike The Skinsect and The Widowmaker, it doesn't control less powerful Lepers. It exists outside the hierarchy present in Fester and is primarily concerned with wandering aimlessly for unknown reasons. Whereas most of its kind are extremely dangerous, the Cloak is generally friendly towards other creatures so long as they do not interrupt its travels.


The Wandering Cloak appears as a floating, blue cloak with two thin arms and a face that, unlike a lot of Lepers, isn't rotated. It has red eyes and a permanent smile on its face.


The Wandering Cloak has the ability to open portals, just like the Skinsect, but uses it to attack anyone who disturbs it from its walk as opposed to transporting lesser Lepers. It does so through the creation of a small portal inside the person's stomach that splits them apart by sucking in their body parts.