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The Widowmaker is a high ranking Leper that controls most of the reproduction-based Leper. The minor sub-types of Leper it controls include Jutting Screepers and Matriarchs.


The Widowmaker looks similar to a giant black widow spider, with an upside down face with 18 eyeholes and no mouth whatsoever. Its legs are almost chicken-like in shape, and there are roughly 200 of them. It prefers to stay in its chamber. It has small tubes dotting its body from which it can shoot its webs.

Although it shares similar spider-like qualities to the Molders, it is not related to them in any way.


The Widowmaker can use its many small tubes to propel forth "webs", made of eggs and human tissue. Many reproductive Leper nest inside the Widowmaker that it can control at will using some sickening pheromones.

It can absorb humans and Lepers using its web, and use this human tissue to create more webs, create eggs, or to feed itself.